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Orange Strategies – How it works

1. We gather all the client’s artwork and ensure each flyer design will be attractive and able to get attention from readers.

2. A huge variety of deals are used to interact and entice readers, it should be sensible to share with friends to get more sales, referrals and repeat orders.

3. The front cover of Orange design follows the trend and 20 locations we are targeting for each month/campaign.

4. Once we have all 30 flyers’ advertisements on our Orange Flyer Distribution, we will send this copy to our quality control department for proof reading. Once it passes our quality control department it will be sent for printing (5 work days).
Note: 30 flyers in advertisements is ideal benchmark for retention.

5. Our planner will set the dates and timing for the distribution. Distribution will be slightly different for each specific locations.

6. Once printing is confirmed and done, we will start door to door distribution (7 days) to the respective HDB blocks.

7. Once the print is ready, we will deliver 5 copies to you.

8. Plan Street Engagement (1 day) – interact with passers-by showing what’s inside Orange Flyer Distribution advertisements have to offer. Our team will personally flip through the pages to show the potential client the best deals we have for them. Our team will also ask some feedback so that we can improve further our objectives.

9. Plan Lucky Draws (1 day) – Orange Flyer Distribution offer in-house gifts to winner on spin and win and encourage Orange Flyer Distribution’s dealers to provide gifts as well for us to promote their own brand or products. We will ask the participants to spin our wheel once they hit the “Deal” we will ask them what specific price or deal they are interested with, in this way we are giving them what they want and we can promote specifically the product/brand they need.

10. We will continue to market Orange Flyer Distribution for that specific month online for 30 days.
Note: Remember to insert validity date in your flyer.