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Tips and Solutions

Tips and Solutions

What can I do if no one wants to take my flyer?

People on street demand clear and beneficial message to be known before they will take your advertisement…

Tips and Solutions

Who should I target for a higher return with my flyers?

Calculate how many people are possible to be engaged are your target and how it can be circulated…

Tips and Solutions

How to get people to read all my content on my flyer?

Usually, if there is a lucky draw or gift voucher the response are better than those without, only necessary content and simplified your content.

Tips and Solutions

What should I do if I have quite a lot of content…

Not to have too many contents, most readers does not read all. You can work on A4 size instead A5.

Type of Distribution

HDB Door to Door

Orange Flyer Distribution is very reliable in distributions to HDB flats from door to door flyer distribution.

Street Engagement

We have a regular strong team of distributors of flyers in the street tailored to clients’ requirements.

Lucky Draw

We also provide lucky draws flyer distribution to the persons who collect the flyers

Distribution Locations

Orange Flyer Distribution covers over 20 locations island-wide via HDB door to door distribution, street engagement and lucky draw program to ensure an effective distribution outreach.

Flyer Design

Most people will only spend 3 seconds (first impression) to view your flyer. If you do not plan effectively, it will affect the marketing campaign conversion. A good design effort will be able to adapt to effective websites and marketing collaterals. However, most of the time, they are done by an in-house employee who does not have adequate experience, hence will not have an ideal result. Considering the time and resource spent to do something that you have not much confident and not able to re-use for a long term, it is not a good investment. The effective design gives businesses credibility and that is priceless.

Gift Centre

Orange Flyer Distribution have a gift centre at Bukit Timah for successful customers to redeem their lucky draws if they were to win a price. This gift centre has a lot of great, attractive value for money items which are very useful for retention.

We market your A.R.E.A™ of Expertise

A for Awareness and acceptance – Increase customer awareness and acceptance rate. Let customer trust you, come to you accept your offer
R for Retention/repeat/ – how customer keeps you in their records for future reference
E for Extension/enlarge/expand – how your customer will extend your promotion or services to more potential customers. Word of mouth.
A for Accumulation – We need to accumulate the effort of all campaign digitally and work on digital marketing as well. We need to accumulate customer feedback and contact during good and bad times.

The Last step we share will be “i” innovation and improvement.