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Good flyer design save you time & money


Do you know the purpose of design? Many times you would want to do the design on your own to save cost or the first cost to cut from the budget is creative. Usually, important design for marketing collaterals like e.g. flyer design include:

  • Eye-Ball-Flow
  • Message layout
  • Motive elements
  • Artwork composition

Most people will only spend 3 seconds (first impression) to view your flyer. If you do not plan effectively, it will affect the marketing campaign conversion. A good design effort will be able to adapt to effective websites and marketing collaterals. However, most of the time, they are done by an in-house employee who does not have adequate experience, hence will not have an ideal result. Considering the time and resource spent to do something that you have not much confident and not able to re-use for a long term, it is not a good investment. The effective design gives businesses credibility and that is priceless. In short, if client is willing to work with us, they can get

  • Design can tell a story.
  • Branding makes a company memorable.
  • Creativity can be a differentiation. This includes pricing, quality, customer service, or something gets connected to your target audience.
  • Good design converts because you spend more time to look at it.
  • Spending more up front saves time and money in the long run.