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About Orange


“Hey Ken, Thank you and your team for the hard work. We have gained 30% walk-in customers! Best marketing and flyer distribution service I ever had. Great customer service and creative designers. I will definitely refer my partners and suppliers to you for future jobs. Keep it up!“

Orange provides exclusive deals direct from merchants to HDB residences via door to door and street distribution at specific targeted areas and strategic timing (10,000 reach to HDB and 2,000 copies outdoor).

The image we portrait is a healthy lifestyle and smart consumer choice.

The aim is to help SME with more effective marketing channels against their budget on customer acquisition cost and conversion rate. We are giving low rates because we can work longer term with our customers. We need enough time and understanding from customer to work together closely in the reading of trend and tackle strong competitions.

Orange Flyer Distribution is Suitable for:

F&B / Education / Online Shopping / Retail Private Label / Home & Living / Lifestyle / House Services / Families Games & Events / Automotive / Travel / Health & Fitness / Gifts

Digital Marketing – Orange will be marketed via the web and social media online (Singapore). Design Advisory – We guide new customer on effective flyer design, however, it is not to produce a new design, as design fee is not included in the advisory. Promotion Advisory – Type of contest or survey is strongly recommended to the new customer, we will indicate the relevance to enlarge influence. Retail Redemption – Our retail shop is used for gift or price redemption on behalf of a client. Special Feature – help client’s to distribute product and highlight on client service on event day.